Julien Coustaury

Julien Coustaury is the Managing Partner of Fil Rouge [...]

Startup Grind Summer Party 2016

We welcome you to the second Startup Summer Party 2016 [...]

Monika Farka

Monika is an entrepreneur, with over 20 years [...]

Mërgim Cahani

Mërgim is the Founder & CEO of Gjirafa, Inc [...]

Gazmend Haxhia

Gazmend Haxhia, President of A.S.G Group, is a parallel [...]

Genci Likoskëndaj

Genci Likoskendaj is a serial entrepreneur with over [...]

Renis Tërshana

Renis Tershana was born in Tirana in 23.09.1971. He is [...]

Avni Ponari

Mr. Avni Ponari is CEO of SIGAL UNIQA GROUP AUSTRIA, [...]

Summer Party

Klodian Allajbeu

Klodian Allajbeu MD, is the Co-Founder and CEO of the [...]

Baybars Altuntas

He was recognized by The European Trade Association of [...]

Romeo Sherko

Romeo SHERKO is the founder (2007) and CEO of ikubINFO [...]

Ludovic Laventure

Ludovic Laventure was born in France in 1967. Having [...]

Amarda Toska & Ermal Mamaqi

Amarda Toska and Ermal Mamaqi are two of the most [...]

Alejtin Berisha

Alejtin Berisha is a tech enthusiast and a serial [...]

Lindita Shomo

Lindita Shomo is the founder and CEO of Easypay Albania [...]

Gentian Likaj

Gentian Likaj is the founder and CEO of Communication [...]